Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Being able to spend Christmas with your family is a true blessing during the pandemic. Christmas becomes even more filled with joy when there is a new baby in the family. As they grow, babies learn about life and the world around them, and together with them, we also learn new things and grow as persons. While babies won’t remember their first few Christmases, you should still make an effort to make each Christmas magical, and you can take many photographs to preserve the memory of your baby’s first Christmas. Another thing you need to do is to choose your baby’s first Christmas gifts.

Although babies aren’t aware of the Christmas holidays, and they won’t remember it as they grow up, they will certainly enjoy all those lights, sounds, and toys that are typical for Christmas time. 

That’s why we prepared this list of best gifts for the baby’s first Christmas, to make this Christmas season more special to you and your baby. Here, you will find great gifts that will not only be cute but will also help your baby develop their senses and motor skills. Keep reading!


Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Budget Pick
Babyprint Christmas Ornament Kit

Make your baby's first Christmas memorable (at least for you) with this cute Chirtsmas ornament kit which will enable you to preserve hand and footprints of your baby.

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03/12/2023 10:12 am GMT
Cool Gift
Baby Musical Toy

This electronic drum toy will make cool sounds and light up, helping your baby develop their rhythm and have fun!

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03/12/2023 03:21 am GMT
High-End Pick
Light Sandbox All-in-1
$339.00 ($16.95 / kg)

Another toy that will further stimulate your baby's development, this sensory+activity table is adjustable, making it a great toy for long-term use!

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03/12/2023 01:14 am GMT


More Baby’s First Christmas Gifts:

  1. Rudolph Set with Stuffed Animal, Plush Rattle, and Teether Activity Book
  2. Rudolph Set with Stuffed Animal, Plush Rattle, and Teether Activity Book

    Help your baby experience Christmas joy for the first time with this cute set that includes a plush toy, a plush rattle, and a teether activity book.

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  3. Learning Walker
  4. Learning Walker

    This walker includes a removable playing pad with plenty of interesting buttons for your baby.

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  5. Baby’s First Christmas Stocking
  6. Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

    If you want to fully include your baby in this year's Christmas celebration, you need this baby Christmas stocking. You can choose from two colors, pink and baby-blue.

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  7. Christmas Baby Bibs
  8. Christmas Baby Bibs

    Baby bibs are a necessity when feeding a baby, so why don't you buy these festive, Christmas-themed baby bibs? You will also get two pairs of cute socks!

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  9. Christmas Coverall for Babies & Infants
  10. Christmas Coverall for Babies & Infants

    Transform your baby into the cutest Santa ever with this adorable Santa baby overall. Santa's hat is included.

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  11. First Baby Christmas Toys
  12. First Baby Christmas Toys

    6 soft plush toys will become your baby's favorite companions, especially during naps or feeding time!

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  13. Bouncy Reindeer
  14. Bouncy Reindeer

    This bouncy reindeer is a safe and fun toy for your baby. With this toy, your baby will practice their balance and enjoy the sound of the jingling bell, placed around the reindeer's neck.

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  15. Baby Wrist and Sock Rattlers
  16. Baby Wrist and Sock Rattlers

    Your baby will spend their first few months shaking their little arms and legs, gradually learning about their body and surroundings. It will be even more interesting with these rattlers that will stimulate your baby to move even more!

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  17. Musical Piano Mat for Kids
  18. Musical Piano Mat for Kids

    Your baby will be able to choose between several instruments and notes while crawling or walking over this mat. It will be a great way for a baby to develop their hearing and motor skills.

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  19. Christmas Silicone Baby Teether
  20. Christmas Silicone Baby Teether

    Teething can be hard for babies (and parents), and you can make it easier with this silicone teether that not only looks cute and festive but also reduces the pain and discomfort.

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