Cheap Christmas gifts under $50

Sometimes, it can be hard to afford to buy Christmas presents for everyone you care about. And even if you are not on the budget, it makes no sense having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, just to show how much you care about someone. The right people will appreciate even the most humble gifts, as the Christmas spirit isn’t about spending, it’s about family, love, and unity. Of course, there is nothing bad in buying some expensive gifts for your loved ones, but in this post, we will concentrate on cheap Christmas gifts under $50.

Maybe you think that there are not so many great Christmas gifts that are also cheap, but you are wrong!

There are actually many affordable Christmas gifts that are just as nice as the expensive ones, and there is no shame in buying them instead of breaking the bank! Keep scrolling!

Cheap Christmas gifts under $50

Budget Pick
Snowball Showdown Card Game

Based on a popular Christmas movie, this card game will provide hours of fun during the Christmas holidays!

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09/26/2022 10:04 am GMT
Cool Pick
LED Light-up Knitted Ugly Beanie

Having an ugly Christmas sweater is no longer enough, you need an ugly Christmas beanie too!

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09/26/2022 02:48 am GMT
Useful Pick
Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

This grinder will easily grind salt, pepper, chilli peppers, or any other spice! It can be set to different coarseness settings!

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More Cheap Christmas gifts under $50

  1. 3 Piece Holiday Scented Candle Set
  2. 3 Piece Holiday Scented Candle Set

    This candle set includes these scents: Winter Wonderland (Pine + Vanilla + Raspberry), Warm + Cozy (Cinnamon Orange + Clove), and Fresh Cut Pine (Pine + Musk + Lavender). Perfect for making Christmas even greater!

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  3. Women's Winter Super Soft Socks
  4. Women's Winter Super Soft Socks

    Warm socks are a necessity during cold winter months, and these socks have a nice Christmas pattern on them.

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  5. Christmas Decorative Ornaments
  6. Christmas Decorative Ornaments

    These Christmas ornaments are truly something special, they look beautiful and will make every Christmas tree more wholesome and amazing.

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  7. Party Flasks Santa Beverage Dispenser
  8. Party Flasks Santa Beverage Dispenser

    Christmas stockings were never so cool and filled with pure joy, as this Christmas stocking drink dispenser.

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  9. Farting Santa Claus
  10. Farting Santa Claus

    Another funny and completely immature Christmas gift, this Santa makes farting noise and vibrates, but it also says several friendly phrases. Simply pull his finger!

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  11. 2 Pack Color Changing Mugs
  12. 2 Pack Color Changing Mugs
    $29.99 ($15.00 / Count)

    These mugs change their colors when containing a hot liquid, and they go from sleepy black when cold, to energized ivory when warm.

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  13. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser
  14. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

    Sloths are known to be lazy and overall alow. That's why this sloth tea infuser is perfect for slow brewing!

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  15. Hand, Foot, Nail, & Face 10 Piece Spa Set
  16. Hand, Foot, Nail, & Face 10 Piece Spa Set

    Everyone needs to be pampered sometimes and to take some time for self-care. This spa set will provide a full self-care experience and help relax during hectic days.

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  17. Santa’s Filthy Sack Wipes
  18. Santa’s Filthy Sack Wipes

    These funny wet wipes are alcohol-free and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. They can be a great gift for those on a budget or for those that simply don't want to go overboard with their choice of gifts.

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