Christmas Gag Gifts

If you are tired of the conventional gifts for Christmas, you came to the right place! You can buy some funny Christmas gifts for your loved ones, but if you want to take it one step further, take a look at our list of Christmas gag gifts!

It might be hard to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts, especially when you want them to be insanely funny and entertaining! However, make sure that you don’t cross the line and insult someone! You want to find a funny, but a harmless gift. 

We’ve compiled the best, funniest, and most of the time – useless Christmas gifts. Keep scrolling to choose a gift that will make the whole family laugh with tears!

Christmas Gag Gifts

Budget Pick
2-Piece Toilet Seat Cling Christmas Decoration

Going to the toilet will be a funny experience with these Snowman stickers!

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03/11/2023 06:41 am GMT
Funny Pick
Reindeer Thong Mankini

If you are looking for the most inappropriate Christmas gift, you found it!

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03/11/2023 03:07 am GMT
Expensive Pick
Christmas Grinch Costume

It seems that Grinch decided to stop hating Christmas and instead have a time of his life!

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03/11/2023 03:02 am GMT

More Christmas Gag Gifts

  1. Santa Chimney Hat
  2. Santa Chimney Hat

    Oh no, it seems that Santa got stuck in the chimney! How will he give presents this year?

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  3. Funny Christmas Shirt with Tattoo Sleeves
  4. Funny Christmas Shirt with Tattoo Sleeves

    With this funny Christmas shirt, it seems that Santa has let go of himself lately and embraced a biker lifestyle. It kind of looks like something Billy Bob Thornton's Santa would wear?

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  5. Men's Christmas Briefs
  6. Men's Christmas Briefs

    Made of cotton, these man briefs are showing Santa taking away "the package"

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  7. Ugly Christmas Leggings
  8. Ugly Christmas Leggings

    Made of durable spandex and polyester, these leggings will surely attract some looks and make everyone laugh!

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  9. Farting Elf Christmas Ornament
  10. Farting Elf Christmas Ornament

    Squeeze this Christmas ornament and it will fart to the tune of Deck the Halls!

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  11. Christmas Plunger Tree
  12. Christmas Plunger Tree

    The ultimate gag gift for Christmas, this plunger is made with Christmas tree branches and ornaments!

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  13. Mooning Santa Gnome
  14. Mooning Santa Gnome

    A perfect outdoor Christmas decoration, this Santa garden gnome will show everything he got!

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  15. 6FT Inflatable Christmas Yard Decoration
  16. 6FT Inflatable Christmas Yard Decoration

    If your Christmas yard decoration didn't blind the neighbors, did you even have it? Well, this Santa riding a dinosaur will certainly leave an impression...

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  17. Pee on Snowman Christmas Ornament
  18. Pee on Snowman Christmas Ornament
    $14.95 ($14.95 / Count)

    Do you remember the phrase "Don't eat the yellow snow"? Well, this is why...

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  19. Snowman Shoulder Carry Christmas Costume
  20. Snowman Shoulder Carry Christmas Costume

    If you want to buy a totally impractical and funny gift, this costume is a perfect choice!

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  21. 6 Pieces Christmas Ties
  22. 6 Pieces Christmas Ties

    Ugly ties are truly something special, especially when Christmas-themed!

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  23. Funny Santa Slippers
  24. Funny Santa Slippers

    If you want slippers that are comfortable and durable while looking hilarious, this pair of funny Santa slippers is exactly what you need!

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