Gifts for Tree Climbers

Climbing a tree is an enviable skill some persons have. It’s always intriguing seeing kids mount a tree in small quick steps. These brave climbers bring the gardens to life and spread joy about them. 

While it may be beautiful and enviable, tree climbing is quite risky. It’s not new news when people fall off trees due to imbalance or an invasion by ants. This leads to unwanted bruises and tears. 

If you’re one who stays in a family home, the country side, or one who visits such places during holidays, then you’d agree that the place is usually filled up, with kids or other adults. 

Even if yours is not filled, the next house is and that’s just the way holidays are. A lot of tree climbers will flock in and what’s the best way to put a smile on their faces other than getting them gifts?  Check out the brilliant choices we’ve curated for you below. 

Gifts for Tree Climbers

Our Budget Pick
Tree Climbing Safety Belt

Tree climbing is quite risky and preventing any harm or injury is pertinent. You can't go wrong climbing safely with this Tree Climbing Safety Belt. It helps in maintaining a firm grip and is very comfortable to use.

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03/12/2023 01:19 am GMT
Our Cool Pick
Outdoor Hand Painted Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture

Wow your tree climber friend by presenting this alluring Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture! This charming piece of art is a wonderful gift for your garden.

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03/09/2023 01:30 am GMT
Our Fancy Pick
Klein Tools Tree Climber Set

This high-quality Tree Climber Set is a must-have for any tree climber. It contains pads, straps, leg irons, stirrups, and gaffs.

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03/11/2023 05:51 pm GMT

Other Gifts for Tree Climbers

  1. Forester Hi‑Vis Arborist Climbing Glove
  2. Forester Hi‑Vis Arborist Climbing Glove

    This pair of gloves provides a great grip for tree climbers. It has a synthetic palm and wrap which prevents slip and also serves as added protection for the index finger.

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  3. SherrillTree Rock Block Omni Loopie
  4. SherrillTree Rock Block Omni Loopie

    A perfect tree climbing rope. It features a Rock Exortica Omini Block 1.5 swivel pulley with a Tenex 1/2” loopie sling. The sling is easily adjustable and quick to install.

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  5. Tree Climber Arborist Pullover Hoodie
  6. Tree Climber Arborist Pullover Hoodie

    There's nothing more representative of a tree climber than a tree-climbing themed Pullover. What better way to tell everyone you're a tree climber than wearing this comfy Hoodie?

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  7. ProClimb Forged Aluminum Snaphook Bundle with Keylock
  8. ProClimb Forged Aluminum Snaphook Bundle with Keylock

    Tree climbing is tedious and can be dangerous at times, but we got you covered. This combo of ProClimb’s Snaphook and Keylock guarantees your safety while climbing.

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  9. Rock-N-Rescue Tree Climber Storage Bg
  10. Rock-N-Rescue Tree Climber Storage Bg

    Keep your tree climbing gears and equipment in this storage bag. It is made with tough 1000 denier coated nylon fabric and weatherproof nylon ripstop.

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  11. ProClimb Aluminum Descender
  12. ProClimb Aluminum Descender

    This ProClimb Descender ensures safe and smooth rope descending or belaying. It allows tree climbers to descend from trees faster.

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  13. ProClimb Complete Flip Line Kit
  14. ProClimb Complete Flip Line Kit

    Move easily and rapidly on trees with this Complete Flip Line kit. It is made with braided arborist rope over steel cable which gives the flip line rigidity and toughness.

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  15. Rope Termination Plate
  16. Rope Termination Plate

    This ProClimb USR-TP Termination plate is used to connect a rope to something without the use of knots or factory terminations.

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  17. Arborist, Tree Climber T-Shirt
  18. Arborist, Tree Climber T-Shirt

    A tree-climbing T-shirt might just be the best gift for your tree climber friend. It's made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

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  19. SSBRIGHT Tree Climbers, Set of 15 Climbing Holds
  20. SSBRIGHT Tree Climbers, Set of 15 Climbing Holds

    If your kids love climbing trees for fun, this is the perfect kit for having backyard fun. It has straps and clips for easy set up.

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